Doncaster working mens clubs promote screening to members

Hawthorne WMC.

Carcroft WMC.

Two Doncaster working men’s clubs are supporting the AAA screening programme by encouraging their male members aged 65+ to take up the opportunity to be screened for the symptomless condition.

Throughout November, AAA screening clinics took place at Carcroft and Hawthorne WMCs to make the screening service even more accessible to men in the local area. 10 men were screened in total and were all given the all clear.

If you are a member of a working men’s club in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw and are interested in arranging a clinic please contact:

Screening programme detects aneurysm at local tea dance

Victor Fairhead, at the Parklands Social Club in Doncaster

Victor Fairhead, at the Parklands Social Club in Doncaster

Victor Fairhead, aged 71 was one of 13 men to take up AAA screening at Parklands Social Club in Doncaster where men aged 65+ were invited to be screened during their weekly tea dance.

Victor decided to request an appointment after seeing his fellow dances attend theirs and it was lucky he did as his screening resulted in a small aneurysm being detected which will now be monitored every 12 months.

Victor said: “I did not know about AAA screening and what an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm was until there was a talk about the condition and we were offered screening appointments for a clinic. A number of my friends were going to appointments and I decided to get screened too as it wouldn’t do any harm.

“I had absolutely no symptoms of anything at all so I am glad I took up the opportunity, otherwise I wouldn’t be aware that I had a small aneurysm. I really hope other men aged 65 and over will do what I did and take the opportunity to get screened when they are offered it.”

Hole in one for AAA screening

David Moore from Retford having his AAA screening check

David Moore from Retford having his AAA screening check

An AAA screening clinic held at Retford golf club led to a small aneurysm being detected in one of the golfers.
David Moore from Retford decided to take up the opportunity to be screened for an AAA due to the convenience of the screening team visiting the club.
During his appointment it was discovered that David had a small aneurysm which can now be monitored to check there is no further growth.

Mr Moore said: “I’m so glad the AAA team held the screening event at Retford Golf Club, I had the scan and it was no trouble at all.
“It picked up a small aneurysm which I had no idea I had got! I visited the nurse the following week, she explained everything and put me at ease; and I can go for my 12 month surveillance appointments at Retford Hospital so it’s not far to go at all.”

Community shop plays its part in saving lives


Brian Walford, a gentlemen who was screened on the day and Simon Lindley, AAA Screening Technician.

An AAA screening clinic was organised in partnership with the Community Shop, a social supermarket and the nearby pub in Goldthorpe. 17 men were screened and given the all clear.

This is an example of working with local communities to raise awareness of the importance of AAA screening in a bid to get as many men screened as possible.

Kate Roberts, Lead Mentor at the Community Shop said: “We have been delighted to work with the AAA screening team to bring the essential screening to men in the local area. It has been of great benefit to the community in raising awareness of the symptomless condition as well as giving peace of mind to the local men who were screened and given the all clear on the day.”

Screening programme saves Sheffield man

Roger Pidcock from Arbourthorne, Sheffield

Roger Pidcock, aged 65 from Arbourthorne, Sheffield attended his routine AAA screening appointment shortly after retiring in 2014. Working for more than 7 years as a taxi driver, Roger described himself to be in full health before the appointment and was shocked to hear that a large aneurysm had been detected requiring lifesaving surgery.

Roger said: “I am unbelievably grateful – I had no symptoms at all and if I had not been screened, it’s hard to say for sure, but I might not have been here today.

“The funny thing is I am not usually interested in invitations to appointments to do with my health however, as the letter said that the appointment would only take 10 minutes and I didn’t have to go in to the hospital as it was at Dovercourt Surgery, so very close to where I live, I luckily decided to go. It was there and then that the screening technician found an aneurysm larger than 5.5cm.

Roger was promptly referred to his local Vascular team at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital and shortly after underwent surgery to have his aorta repaired.

South Yorkshire twins back AAA screening programme

Twins Chris and Keith Hare.

Having a direct family member who has or has had an AAA is a risk factor of developing an AAA.

Twin brothers from South Yorkshire were invited to be screened when they turned 65. Chris and Keith Hare, form Rotherham and Mexborough respectively, attended their routine appointments to discover that they had developed small aneurysms measuring only a millimetre apart.

“It was quite a surprise and shock when we found that we both had the condition,” the brothers said. “But, prevention is better than the cure so we are happy that we had the scan and now have the peace of mind knowing that we’ll be monitored regularly.”