Where can I get screened?

Let our Health Bus visit your event

There are over 30 different locations across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw where you can attend your screening appointment. When self-referring please specify two sites you would prefer to be screened at.
When a man turns 65 he will automatically be sent an appointment at a venue close to their registered address. If the venue is not appropriate, your appointment can be changed by contacting the AAA screening office on: 01709 649100.

Health screening bus

The AAA screening team also have access to a mobile clinic delivered on the health bus allowing the service to be brought to venues such as golf clubs, working men’s clubs and local community centres.
If you are part of a group with male members over the age of 65, please let us know as the AAA screening team could come out and screen members of your club.

Email: dbh-tr.dbhaaa@nhs.net
Tel: 01709 649100

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