Screening programme saves Sheffield man

Roger Pidcock from Arbourthorne, Sheffield

Roger Pidcock, aged 65 from Arbourthorne, Sheffield attended his routine AAA screening appointment shortly after retiring in 2014. Working for more than 7 years as a taxi driver, Roger described himself to be in full health before the appointment and was shocked to hear that a large aneurysm had been detected requiring lifesaving surgery.

Roger said: “I am unbelievably grateful – I had no symptoms at all and if I had not been screened, it’s hard to say for sure, but I might not have been here today.

“The funny thing is I am not usually interested in invitations to appointments to do with my health however, as the letter said that the appointment would only take 10 minutes and I didn’t have to go in to the hospital as it was at Dovercourt Surgery, so very close to where I live, I luckily decided to go. It was there and then that the screening technician found an aneurysm larger than 5.5cm.

Roger was promptly referred to his local Vascular team at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital and shortly after underwent surgery to have his aorta repaired.